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DOT Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Tests
The most critical factor in a successful DOT compliance program is selecting the right employees to from the beginning. Our Pre-Employment drug testing services allow you to filter out potential future liabilities.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

A DOT employer must have an employee submit to a drug and alcohol test when there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the employee has violated drug and/or alcohol policies. The employer’s determination that reasonable suspicion exists must be based on specific and articulable observations concerning the appearance, behavior, speech or body odors of the employee.

It’s important to note that required observations for drug and/or alcohol reasonable suspicion testing must be made by a supervisor or company official who is trained in accordance with DOT regulations. This training is a DOT-mandated requirement.

Random Drug & Alcohol Tests
All DOT employers are required to conduct random, unannounced drug and alcohol tests to remain in compliance. The total number of random tests conducted each year may vary. The goal of random testing is to discourage substance use by making testing unpredictable, and to identify substance users.
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Post-Accident Tests

As soon as reasonably possible following an accident, DOT employers are required to test for drug & alcohol for each employee performing safety-sensitive functions.

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