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DNA Testing

What We Offer
A & G Testing offers a variety of DNA Testing services at the lowest prices in West Alabama.  Our DNA testing is done professionally and privately in the customer’s place of choice, whether it is in the home, the office or the hospital (applies to Legal Test only). Turnaround time for results average 2-3 business days. Express results are available.
Happy Mother with her Child
Who Can Use DNA Testing?
  • A man wondering if a child is really his.

  • Someone wanting closure or peace of mind.

  • A woman seeking child support from a man who denies he is the child's father.

  • A person attempting to win visitiation or custody.

  • A parent going through a divorce.

  • A person seeking to establish Social Security benefits, inheritance rights, or Native American tribal rights.

  • A person seeking to immigrate into the U.S. on the grounds that he or she is a blood relative of a citizen.

  • Someone wanting to identify biological grandparents or siblings.

  • Those who have received inconclusive results from other methods or who want a "second opinion".

  • A suspicious spouse or loved one.

  • Adopted children or the biological parent of adopted children.

Contact Us
Want to know more? Contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help.
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